To provide a high level of procurement expertise, customer service, and strategy to help our customers retain higher margins when buying and selling goods.


To give companies financial flexibility & peace of mind so they can reinvest their profits into future business innovation.

Why now?

The pandemic brought about significant change, financial stress, and logistical obstacles for companies across industry sectors. However, with most challenges come opportunities for growth & innovation. During COVID, in order to conserve costs, companies leveraged emerging technologies to recuperate lost profits & invest in innovation. One untapped source of financial potential is the value provided by indirect procurement.

Why buy for more when you can buy for less?

For most businesses, indirect spending is an often- neglected area that can significantly impact a company’s bottom line. C5 is a procurement and sourcing cost- reduction firm specializing in helping small to medium businesses focus on what’s important while reducing unnecessary spending. Our firm combines unique procurement expertise with market intelligence to ultimately leverage scale and provide your business better prices.

At C5, we believe in giving companies the priceless value of financial flexibility. With our guidance & strategic advisement, businesses can streamline processes, reinvest profits back into the business, and lay the groundwork for future innovation.

We are so confident in our method and expertise that we don’t get paid unless you save!

Why us?

Problems our clients face

  • Businesses are missing out on valuable cost saving opportunities. What’s more, they don’t even realize it.
  • Businesses do not have the resources to devote to optimizing their indirect spend and procurement processes.
  • Small to medium businesses neglect this opportunity at early stages.
  • Many companies are surviving in low profit margins when they could be thriving.

How we solve these problems

  • C5: We have the power of scale
  • We understand the market
  • We have proven experience
  • We care about our customers
  • We only get paid if you save
  • Our services not only help your company increase its bottom line, but we also help improve processes, optimize results, and lay the groundwork for future innovation

About Us

C5 Services is a company born out of necessity with a passion to serve others. With the impact to businesses globally because of Covid-19 and the increased use of technology, the indirect procurement market is an area of untapped value for all companies.

Our vision is to bring our clients to an unprecedented level of financial freedom through sourcing and procurement. Together, we will allow our clients to focus on what is most important to their business by bringing value through best in class sourcing. We aim to be enablers of flexibility and choice by leveraging opportunities that are achievable and impactful. Let us transform your indirect procurement into a profit center: We buy it better so you can make and sell it better.

Led by a highly skilled team of procurement experts with experience in various industry sectors & categories, C5 Services cares about serving others. This Service Disabled Veteran Owned business is rooted in a passion to help and serve others while unlocking profit with expertise, scale, and speed.

The 7 essential Principles (7EP)


Open and honest communication is the foundation of sustainable relationships. Remaining transparent will eliminate surprises and ensure consistency in results. Transparency breeds trust, and trust is the foundation of every healthy relationship.


Every decision must be positive and valuable for those parties involved. A unilateral decision is not sustainable, and sustainable relationships will endure.


Remaining true to our values and what we believe in. Living courageously will allow us to follow through on our word and remain victorious over negativity. Do what is right, all ofthe time.


Freedom is paramount in our culture. Employees must be free to make decisions, incorporate their life with their work; clients must be free to choose what is best for their goals.


Being open to new ideas/perspectives. Sometimes it is not about finding solutions outside of the box. Being creative could be finding a solution within the confines of a box. Think differently and provoke others to do the same. Challenge the status quo to see greater progress and breakthroughs.


We understand the world and business is constantly changing, and in order to stay relevant, we must be flexible and adapt to the market, client, & employee needs. Remaining flexible will allow us to deliver value with speed and accuracy. We remain flexible by being lean so we can pivot quickly to deliver and remain innovative.


Providing a service to people better than they could do it themselves is what we do. By serving others, we will always find satisfaction in our work and feel good about the path we are pursuing. Care about others.

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